Vomiting of roundworms according to Chinese Medicine

Vomiting of roundworms can be the consequence of several so-called “patterns of disharmony” in Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine sees the body as a system, not a sum of isolated parts. A "pattern" is when the system's harmony is disrupted, leading to symptoms or signs that something is wrong (like vomiting of roundworms here). It is similar to the concept of disease in Western Medicine but not quite: a Western disease can often be explained by several Chinese patterns and vice-versa.

A pattern often manifests itself in a combination of symptoms that, at first glance, do not seem necessarily related to each others. For instance here vomiting of roundworms is often associated with feeling of energy rising to the chest, cold limbs and diarrhea in the pattern “/tcm-education-center/patterns/terminal-yin-stage”.

Once identified, patterns are treated using medicinal herbs, acupuncture, and other therapies. In the case of vomiting of roundworms we’ve identified that a herbal formula called Wu Mei Wan can help treat the patterns behind the symptom.

Terminal Yin stage, a "pattern of disharmony" that can cause vomiting of roundworms

In Chinese Medicine vomiting of roundworms is a symptom for the pattern "Terminal Yin stage". Below is a small explanation for it with links for more details.

Chinese Plums (Wu Mei) is the king ingredient for Wu Mei Wan, a formula used for /tcm-education-center/patterns/terminal-yin-stage

Terminal Yin stage

Pulse type(s): Wiry (Xian)

In addition to vomiting of roundworms, other symptoms associated with /tcm-education-center/patterns/terminal-yin-stage include feeling of energy rising to the chest, cold limbs and diarrhea.

/tcm-education-center/patterns/terminal-yin-stage is often treated with Wu Mei Wan, a herbal formula made of 9 herbs (including Chinese Plums - Wu Mei - as a key herb). Wu Mei Wan belongs to the category of "formulas that expel parasites", which might be why it is often recommended for this pattern. Its main action as a formula is: "Warms the Organs".

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A herbal formula that might help with vomiting of roundworms

Wu Mei Wan

Source date: 220 AD

Number of ingredients: 9 herbs

Key actions: Warms the Organs. Drains Heat. Calms roundworms. Drains the Liver. Calms the Stomach.

Why might Wu Mei Wan help with vomiting of roundworms?

Because it is a formula often recommended to treat the pattern '/tcm-education-center/patterns/terminal-yin-stage' of which vomiting of roundworms is a symptom.

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Chinese plum might help with vomiting of roundworms

Why might Chinese Plum (Wu Mei) help with vomiting of roundworms?

Because it is a key herb in Wu Mei Wan, a herbal formula indicated to treat the pattern 'Terminal Yin stage' (a pattern with vomiting of roundworms as a symptom)

Chinese Plums is a Neutral herb that tastes Sour. It targets the Large intestine, the Liver, the Lung and the Spleen.

Its main actions are: Stabilizes Lung Qi and stops cough. Stops diarrhea. Retains Bodily Fluids and encourages their production. Expels parasites and relieves vomiting.

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Other symptoms often associated with vomiting of roundworms

Feeling of energy rising to the chest Cold limbs Diarrhea Vomiting