Breast infection according to Chinese Medicine

A herbal formula that might help with breast infection

Unblock Nursing Tea

Number of ingredients: 12 herbs

Key actions: Alleviates milk blockages and uneven supply issues*

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Why might Unblock Nursing Tea help with breast infection?

Designed by Me & Qi's expert practitioners to tackle some of the patterns that can cause breast infection, Unblock Nursing Tea is a 100% natural and vegan product composed solely of the 12 herbs listed in its ingredients.

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Milkvetch root might help with breast infection

Why might Milkvetch Root (Huang Qi) help with breast infection?

Because it is a key herb in Tuo Li Xiao Du San, a herbal formula indicated to treat the pattern '' (a pattern with breast infection as a symptom)

Milkvetch Roots is a Warm herb that tastes Sweet. It targets the Lung and the Spleen.

Its main actions are: Tonifies the Wei Qi and stops perspiration. Tonifies the Spleen Qi and the Yang Qi of the Earth Element. Tonifies the Qi and Blood. Expels pus and assists in the healing of wounds. Helps to regulate water metabolism in the body and reduce edema.

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Me & Qi product associated with breast infection