Xuanshu DU-5

Chinese: 悬枢

Pinyin: Xuán Shū


On the back midline, in the depression below the spinous process of the 1st lumber vertebra. (L1)

How to locate

Locate the Tufffier's line, which connects the two most superior points on the iliac crest. It generally intersects with the 4th lumber vertebra (L4). Then locate the 1st lumber vertebra (L1) by counting up three.

Locate Xuanshu DU-5 below the spinous process of the 1st lumbar vertebra (L1) on the midline. 

Main actions

  1. Remove the Obstructions from the Channel
  2. Regulates the Lower Burner


0.5–1 cun strictly vertically to the skin or obliquely in an inferior direction, with the patient’s back straight or flexed in order to avoid puncturing the spinal canal.

Oblique insertions should only be carried out by experienced practitioners, as in small persons, irrespective of their body weight, the spinal canal may be reached after only 1.25 cun.

Commentary for Xuanshu DU-5

Xuanshu DU-5 is mostly used for treating stiffness of the waist by removing Obstructions from the Channel. Sometimes the patients are not even able to flex or extend their body. 

Secondly, it regulates Qi in Lower Burner so as to treat undigested foods in stool,  diarrrhoea, shan disorder or testicle retraction.