Zhongdu GB-32

Chinese: 中渎

Pinyin: Zhōng Dú


In the lateral aspect of the thigh, 5 cun above the transverse popliteal crease.

How to locate

When the patient is standing erect with the hands close to the side, Fengshi GB-31 is usually where the tip of the middle finger touches. 

Then measure 2 cun below GB-31 and locate Zhongdu GB-32. 

Or: locate the popliteal crease and Huangtiao GB-30 around the level of the highest prominence of the greater trochanter. The distance between these two reference points is about 19 cun. Draw an imaginary line between these two point and locate Zhongdu GB-32 is on this line and 5 cun above the popliteal crease

Main actions

  1. Expels Wind, Dampness and Cold
  2. Removes obstructions from the Channel


Vertically 1–2 cun 

Commentary for Zhongdu GB-32

Zhongdu GB-32 is not a major point of the Gall Bladder Channel. Its main function is to open the Channel by expelling Wind, Dampness and Cold. Thus it treats pain, numbness and atrophy of the leg. 

Exterior Wind can also cause skin disorders such as urticaria.