Juliao GB-29

Chinese: 居髎

Pinyin: Jū Liáo


Midway between the ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine) and the great trochanter, in the lateral recumbent position. 

How to locate

First palpate along the upper border of the iliac crest in an anterior and inferior direction so as to identify ASIS (anterior superior iliac spine), which is a bony ridge on the lateral aspect of the lower abdomen. 

Then locate the greater trochanter which is a clearly marked bony structure in the hip joint region. It is more obvious to identify when the patient lies on side with legs slightly flexed. 

Draw an imaginary line between these two points and locate Juliao GB-29 located at the midway. 

Main actions

Removes Obstructions from the Channel


Vertically 1–2 cun

Commentary for Juliao GB-29

Juliao GB-29's main function is to open the Channel around hip area by removing obstructions from the Channel. Typical manifestations are sciatica as well as pain in the leg, buttocks lateral side and groin.