Jingmen GB-25

Chinese: 京门

Pinyin: Jīng Mén


On the lateral side of the abdomen, on the lower border of the free end of the 12th rib

How to locate

Glide the finger along the lower border of the ribcage until reaching the free end of the 11th rib, which is superior to the umbilicus. 

Continues palpating one rib down and find the free end of the 12th rib on the lateral aspect of the waist and locate Jingmen GB-25 there. 

Main actions

  1. Tonifies the Kidneys and regulates the water passages
  2. Fortifies the Spleen and regulates the Intestines
  3. Strengthens the lower back


Vertically or obliquely 0.3–1 cun.

Caution: Peritoneum. The needle should be inserted into the obliquus externus or internus muscles.

Commentary for Jingmen GB-25

Jingmen GB-25 is the Front Collecting-Mu point of the Kidneys. It means the Kidney Qi gathers and concentrates here. 

Its main function is to link the Kidneys and the Spleen. If the mutual support between these two Organ breaks, Kidney's water passage regulating and the Spleen's digesting function will be impaired. 

Furthermore, it strengthens the lower back as well, characterized by lower backache, inability to stand for long, pain in the lateral costal region and back, hip pain.