Erbai Ex-UE-2

Chinese: 二白

Pinyin: Er Bái


A pair of points on the palmar aspect of the forearm, 4 cun proximal to the wrist joint space (most distal wrist crease), on either side of the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis muscle.

How to locate

Place the patient’s arm in a relaxed supinated position.

From the center of the wrist joint space, measure 4 cun in a proximal direction and, on this level, locate one of the points lateral to and the other point medial to the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis muscle.

Or: Divide the distance between the cubital crease and the wrist joint space into thirds, then locate Erbai Ex-UE-2 one third of the distance from the wrist joint. 

Main actions

Treat haemorrhoids and rectum prolapse


Up to 1 cun vertically or up to 1.5 cun obliquely towards proximal. 

Commentary for Erbai Ex-UE-2

Erbai Ex-UE-2 has a long history in treating haemorrhoids and rectum prolapse.