Bizhong EX-UE

Chinese: 臂中

Pinyin: Bì Zhōng


On the palmar aspect of the forearm, midway between the cubital crease and the wrist joint space. 

How to locate

The patient's forearm should be in a relaxed supinated position. The wrist joint space is a more reliable reference point than wrist crease to identify Bizhong EX-UE. 

Draw an imaginary line between the midpoint of the wrist joint space and cubital crease. Identify Bizhong EX-UE in the middle of these two point, between the ulna and radius. 

Main actions

Open the local Channel and Luo Vessel


Vertically 1–1.5 cun. 

Commentary for Bizhong EX-UE

Bizhong EX-UE is not a major Extra point. Its name function is to open the local Channel and Luo Vessel.