Neixiyan EX-LE-4

Chinese: 内膝眼

Pinyin: Nèi Xī Yǎn


With the knee flexed, inferior to the patella, in a depression medial to the patellar ligament.

Dubi ST-35 is at the same level, in a depression lateral to the patellar ligament

Both points form the Extra point of Xiyan EX-LE-5

How to locate

It is recommended to flex the knee to better locate the point. 

There are two eyes of knee located on the level of the lower border of the patella, lateral and medial to the patellar ligament. 

The medial one is Neixiyan EX-LE-4. 

Main actions

  1. Expels Wind-Damp
  2. Reduces swelling and pain


0.5–1 cun vertically or obliquely towards the lateral eye of the knee. 

Caution: Do not needle too deeply to avoid intra-articular puncture. 

Commentary for Neixiyan EX-LE-4

Dubi ST-35 and Neixiyan EX-LE-4 form the Extra point of Xiyan EX-LE-5. All of them are important local points in treating various knee disorders such as swellings and pain.