Kuangu EX-LE-1

Chinese: 髋骨

Pinyin: Kuān Gǔ


This is a group of 2 points 2 cun superior to the patella and 1.5 cun lateral and medial to Liangqiu ST-34

How to locate

First locate Liangqiu ST-34 in a depression on the vastus lateralis muscle, 2 cun superior to the upper border of the patella

From ST-34, measure 1.5 cun in a lateral and medial direction and locate the two points of Kuangu EX-LE-1. 

Main actions

Reduces pain


Vertically 1–1.5 cun. 

Commentary for Kuangu EX-LE-1

Kuangu EX-LE-1 is not a major Extra point. Its name function is to reducing pain of the local area.