Dannang EX-LE-6

Chinese: 胆囊

Pinyin: Dǎn Náng


On the Gall Bladder Channel of the right leg, about 1-2 cun below Yanglingquan GB-34.

Around there, palpate and locate Dannang EX-LE-6 at the most tender point. 

How to locate

First, locate Yanglingquan GB-34 of the right leg. Locate the head of the fibula on the lateral aspect of the leg, where the seam of the trousers usually are. Hold it with the index and middle fingers like tweezers.

Gliding distally with both fingers and the index finger will come to rest in a depression directly inferior and anterior to the head of the fibula. Yanglingquan GB-34 is located there. 

Then continue palpating downward, slowly along the Gall Bladder Channel. Locate Dannang EX-LE-6 at the most tender point about 1–2 cun inferior to GB-34.

Commentary for Dannang EX-LE-6

The name of this point is translated to 'Gall Bladder' which implies its functions. 

Dannang EX-LE-6 is very effective in treating both acute and chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis. 

It often becomes pressure sensitive when the Gall Bladder has inflammation. Thus this point can also be used as a diagnosis tool. 

Furthermore, it is one of the very few points that only exist on one side of the body.