Xiajishu EX-B-5

Chinese: 下极俞

Pinyin: Xià Jí Shū


This is a group of 3 points. One is on the posterior midline and below the spinous process of the 3rd lumbar vertebra (L3).

The other two are at the same level but 3 cun lateral to the first one. Vertically speaking, they are also on the scapula medial border line. 

How to locate

First identify the Tuffier's line which connects the highest points of the iliac crest. The spinous process of the 4th lumber vertebra (L4) mostly falls on this line. 

Then identify the spinous process of the 3rd lumber vertebra (L3) by counting up one. 

Locate Xiajishu EX-B-5 at the lower border of L3 as well as the other two locations at the same level but 3 cun lateral to the lower border of L3. 

Main actions

  1. Tonifies Kidney Yang
  2. Removes Qi and Blood Stagnation


0.5–0.8 cun vertically to the skin or obliquely in an inferior direction. 

The patient’s back should be straight or overextended to avoid a spinal puncture. Oblique insertions in a superior direction should only be carried out by experienced practitioners, as in small persons (regardless of their weight), the spinal canal can be reached after only 1.25 cun.

Caution: In pregnant women about to go into labor, this point might have a labor-promoting effect.

Commentary for Xiajishu EX-B-5

This is a group of three points. 

The central point is mainly to tonify the Kidney Qi, while the two lateral ones are mostly to removes local Qi and Blood Stagnation