Dingchuan EX-B-1

Chinese: 定喘

Pinyin: Dìng Chuǎn


0.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra (C7)

How to locate

Firstly locate C6 by running the finger down the neck along the midline as it is the first palpable cervical vertebral spinous process. It becomes impalpable when the patients extend their neck. C7 is below C6 and it is still palpable despite that the neck is extended. 

Dazhui DU-14 is locate right below C7 while Dingchuan EX-B-1 is located 0.5 cun lateral to DU-14. 


Main actions

Calms dyspnoea and wheezing


0.5–1 cun in a medial direction.

Commentary for Dingchuan EX-B-1

Dingchuan EX-B-1 is one of the major points in treating acute wheezing, dyspnoea and asthma. 

It is a modern point.