Chengjiang REN-24

Chinese: 承浆

Pinyin: Chéng Jiāng


On the midline, in the center of the mentolabial groove.

How to locate

Locate Chengjiang REN-24 in the center of the depression of the mentolabial groove.  

Main actions

  1. Expels Internal Wind
  2. Regulates the Directing Vessel


0.2–0.3 cun obliquely in a superior direction. 

Commentary for Chengjiang REN-24

Chengjiang REN-24 is mostly applied to expel Interior Wind which gives rise to mouth and facial paralysis. Other typical symptoms include hemiplegia, deviation of mouth, lockjaw, epilepsy and tetany. 

On the other hand, it is also able to remove the Obstructions in the Directing Vessels along its internal pathway (around the mouth and to the lower eyes). Thus it treats pain and numbness of the face, face swelling, toothache, gum pain, purple lips and sudden lose of voice.