Huiyang BL-35

Chinese: 会阳

Pinyin: Huì Yáng


On either side of the coccyx tip, 0.5 cun lateral to the posterior midline. 

How to locate

First locate the tip of the coccyx above the anus. From there, measure 0.5 cun in the lateral direction. 

Main actions

  1. Clears Damp-Heat and regulates the Lower Burner
  2. Benefits the coccyx and treats haemorrhoids


Vertically 1–1.5 cun. 

Commentary for Huiyang BL-35

Huiyang BL-35 is not a major point of the Bladder Channel

Its main action is to clear Damp-Heat from the Lower Burner, benefits the coccyx and tonify the Yang Qi