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What is Stomach Acidity?

Stomach acidity, a prevalent condition marked by a burning sensation, discomfort, and sometimes pain in the stomach area, is often a result of excessive stomach acid. This condition is commonly referred to as gastric hyperacidity, high stomach acid, or a hyperacidic stomach. It can lead to various discomforts, including heartburn, indigestion, and gastric pain, affecting the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

TCM's Perspective on Stomach Acidity

In contrast to the Western focus on acid production and its physical triggers, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches stomach acidity from a holistic standpoint. According to TCM, this condition is often a sign of imbalance within the body's internal ecosystem, such as Heat, Cold and specific Organs.

This diagnosis underscores the importance of identifying and correcting the underlying imbalances that lead to symptoms, rather than merely addressing the symptoms themselves.

Causes of Stomach Acidity According to TCM

TCM recognizes that stomach acidity can stem from various patterns of disharmony within the body, with Heat above and Cold below being a primary concern. This particular pattern indicates an accumulation of Heat in the upper body such as chest area, coupled with Cold in the lower body such as the Stomach.

It's believed to be caused by External Cold invading the Middle Jiao, disrupting the normal flow of Qi and the balance of Yin and Yang. This disruption leads to symptoms associated with gastric hyperacidity. Understanding these patterns is crucial for tailoring the treatment to the individual, emphasizing the TCM principle of personalized medicine.

TCM Herbal Formulas for Stomach Acidity

To address the Heat above and Cold below pattern, TCM utilizes specific formulas that aim to harmonize the Stomach and Intestines, thereby restoring balance. One such formula is Huang Lian Tang, which features Goldthread Rhizomes (Huang Lian) as a key ingredient. This formula is known for its Bitter and Cold properties, making it effective in clearing Heat from the upper body and warming the Cold in the stomach.

By targeting the root cause - External Cold affecting the Middle Jiao - this and other TCM treatments work to alleviate stomach acidity by restoring the body's natural harmony between Heat and Cold.

Through its unique diagnostic methods and treatment strategies, TCM offers a comprehensive approach to managing stomach acidity. By focusing on the underlying patterns of disharmony and utilizing natural formulas, TCM aims to provide long-term relief and promote overall well-being.

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TCM Herbs for Stomach Acidity

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