Sprains Blood Stasisaccording to TCM

Symptom family: Injuries, Cuts & Traumatic Wounds

Parent symptom: Bruising

What is Sprains Blood Stasis?

Sprains blood stasis refers to a condition in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where a sprain injury leads to impaired or stagnant blood flow in the affected area. This stagnation can result in symptoms such as swelling, pain, and bruising.

Synonyms for this condition include Blood Stagnation from sprains, blood stasis due to sprains, impaired blood flow in a sprain, and stagnant blood in the sprained area. It's a specific manifestation of bruising and circulation issues within the TCM framework, often linked to trauma or physical injury.

TCM Perspective on Sprains Blood Stasis

In TCM, sprains blood stasis is seen as a disruption of the smooth flow of Qi and blood, resulting from an injury. This blockage not only causes pain and swelling but also hinders the healing process.

TCM approaches this condition by identifying and resolving the underlying disharmony that's causing the Blood Stagnation. Treatment focuses on restoring the balance and circulation of Qi and blood in the body, thus alleviating the symptoms and promoting recovery.

Causes of Sprains Blood Stasis According to TCM

TCM recognizes several patterns that can lead to sprains blood stasis. One common cause is the obstruction of Qi flow due to the physical trauma of a sprain, which in turn impedes the circulation of Blood.

Another contributing factor could be an underlying Deficiency in the body’s Qi or Blood, making it more susceptible to stagnation when injured. The approach in TCM is holistic, taking into account the entire state of the individual’s health and aiming to address both the immediate symptoms and their root causes.

TCM Herbs for Sprains Blood Stasis

In treating sprains blood stasis, TCM relies on a range of herbs known for their ability to invigorate Blood circulation and alleviate stagnation. A commonly recommended herb is Sappan Woods (Su Mu), which is salty, sweet, and neutral in nature. It targets the Spleen, Heart, and Liver, making it particularly effective for treating Blood Stagnation.

These herbs are selected based on their specific properties that align with the patient's unique pattern of disharmony, ensuring a tailored and effective treatment approach.

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