Skin Pusaccording to TCM

What is Skin Pus?

Skin pus is a common symptom in various skin infections and conditions. It is a thick, often yellowish fluid composed of white blood cells, dead tissue, and bacteria. Pus is typically a result of the body's natural defense mechanism against infection.

When the immune system responds to an infection, it sends white blood cells to the affected area to fight off the invading bacteria, leading to the accumulation of pus. The presence of pus can indicate a bacterial infection and often necessitates medical attention to prevent further complications.

How does TCM view Skin Pus?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views skin pus differently from Western medicine. In TCM, pus formation is seen as a manifestation of internal disharmonies and imbalances, particularly involving the presence of Heat or Toxic Heat and Phlegm in the body.

TCM emphasizes the importance of identifying the underlying pattern of disharmony that leads to pus formation. This holistic approach goes beyond treating the symptom itself and focuses on restoring the body's overall balance and health.

Causes of Skin Pus According to TCM

In TCM, skin pus is often attributed to specific patterns of imbalance within the body. One common cause is the accumulation of Toxic Heat, which can lead to inflammation and infection, resulting in pus formation. This condition is often associated with a deeper imbalance in the Spleen, Heart, and Lung systems.

Another contributing factor can be Phlegm, which in TCM is not just the physical secretion but also a pattern of stagnation that can manifest in various ways, including the production of pus. These underlying causes highlight TCM's holistic approach to understanding and treating skin conditions.

TCM Herbs for Skin Pus

TCM uses a range of herbs to treat skin conditions involving pus, with choices depending on the identified underlying pattern. Warm herbs that transform Phlegm and stop Cough, such as Gleditsia Thorns (Zao Jiao Ci), are often used. Gleditsia Thorns, which are pungent and warm, target the Stomach, Liver, and Lung, making them effective for treating Phlegm-related issues.

For conditions related to Toxic Heat, herbs for external application like Minium (Qian Dan) are recommended. Minium, pungent and cool, targets the Spleen, Heart, and Lung, and is used to treat Toxic Heat. These herbs demonstrate TCM's targeted approach, aiming to address the specific imbalances causing skin pus.

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