Shoulder Weaknessaccording to TCM

Symptom families: Joint Symptoms, Shoulder Issues

Parent symptom: Weak Joints

Did you mean? Shoulder Heaviness

What is Shoulder Weakness?

Shoulder weakness encompasses a range of conditions where strength in the shoulder is significantly reduced. Individuals with this condition may have difficulty performing tasks that require lifting, pushing, or pulling. This weakness can result from various issues, including muscular atrophy, injury, nerve damage, or systemic illnesses affecting the shoulder joint.

The symptoms may manifest gradually or suddenly, significantly impacting the functionality and range of motion. Accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment, as the causes of shoulder weakness can vary widely.

How does TCM view Shoulder Weakness?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) considers shoulder weakness as a symptom indicating an underlying deficiency or blockage within the body’s meridian system. TCM recognizes that this physical manifestation can be the result of multiple patterns of disharmony, such as Qi and Blood Deficiency or the invasion of external pathogenic factors like Cold or Dampness.

Understanding and identifying these patterns are essential in TCM because each requires a unique treatment approach. The therapeutic strategies are then aimed at reinforcing the body's vital energy, improving blood circulation, and clearing any pathogenic influences.

Acupoints for Shoulder Weakness

In TCM, specific acupoints are selected to address shoulder weakness, focusing on stimulating the body’s healing energy to target the root cause. The acupoint Jianyu LI-15, located on the Large Intestine Channel, is frequently utilized.

According to TCM principles, this point can effectively remove obstructions from the channel, which is crucial for restoring the strength and function of the shoulder. Treatments are tailored to the individual’s specific disharmony pattern, with the goal of re-establishing balance and reinforcing the body's natural healing processes.

See more details below about Jianyu LI-15, an acupoint used to address shoulder weakness.

  • By Meridian
  • Large Intestine Channel
Jianyu LI-15

Jianyu LI-15

Jianyu LI-15 is located antero-inferior to the acromion, between the clavicular and acromial portions of the deltoid muscle.