Lumbar Contractionaccording to TCM

What is Lumbar Contraction?

Lumbar contraction, commonly referred to as lumbar muscle spasm or lumbar muscle contraction, is a condition characterized by involuntary tightening of the muscles in the lower back.

This often painful symptom can result from various factors, including physical strain, injury, or underlying spinal conditions. Lumbar contraction can lead to limited mobility, significant discomfort, and can be a chronic issue for many, affecting their quality of life and daily activities.

How Does TCM View Lumbar Contraction?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches lumbar contraction with a unique perspective, viewing it as a manifestation of disharmony within the body's energy systems.

Unlike Western medicine, which primarily focuses on the physical aspects of muscle spasms, TCM considers both the physical symptoms and underlying imbalances of Qi (vital energy) and Blood. TCM identifies that such muscular issues can arise from factors like Qi Stagnation, Blood Stasis, or imbalances in the body's Yin and Yang. Treatment in TCM aims to restore the harmonious flow of Qi and Blood, thereby alleviating the symptom and addressing its root cause.

Acupoints for Lumbar Contraction

In TCM, specific acupoints are used to treat lumbar contraction effectively. One of the key acupoints in this regard is "Chengjin BL-56" on the Bladder Channel.

Located on the lower leg, Chengjin BL-56 is known for its ability to remove obstructions from the Channel and relax sinews, which can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from lumbar contraction. Stimulating this acupoint is believed to alleviate muscle tension in the lower back, promote relaxation, and enhance the flow of Qi and Blood through the affected area. This approach reflects TCM's holistic treatment philosophy, targeting the energetic and physical aspects of lumbar contraction.

See more details below about Chengjin BL-56, an acupoint used to address lumbar contraction.

  • By Meridian
  • Bladder Channel
Chengjin BL-56

Chengjin BL-56

5 cun inferior to Weizhong BL-40 which is the midpoint of the popliteal crease. In the center of the belly of gastrocnemius muscle, midway between Heyang BL-55 and Chengshan BL-57.