Lip Abscessaccording to TCM

What is Lip Abscess?

A lip abscess is a localized infection typically characterized by a collection of pus under the skin of the lip, resulting from bacterial invasion. This condition can cause noticeable swelling, pain, and redness, often leading to discomfort and difficulty in eating or speaking. Abscesses on the lip can arise due to various factors, including trauma, skin conditions, or dental infections, making prompt treatment essential to prevent the spread of infection and more serious complications.

How does TCM view Lip Abscess?

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a lip abscess is not just a superficial skin issue but a symptom of underlying disharmony within the body. TCM holds that such infections are often the result of Heat and Toxins accumulating in the body, alongside a possible invasion of external pathogenic factors such as Wind.

Treatment in TCM therefore aims not only to resolve the swelling and pain associated with the abscess but also to address the internal imbalances that led to its formation, emphasizing a holistic approach to healing and prevention.

Acupoints for Lip Abscess

In the treatment of lip abscesses, TCM suggests utilizing specific acupoints to alleviate symptoms and promote recovery. One such acupoint is Quanliao SI-18, located directly below the outer canthus, in the depression on the lower border of the zygoma. Stimulating this point is believed to expel Wind, clear Heat, and resolve swelling, effectively targeting the manifestations of lip abscesses.

Through acupuncture or acupressure at Quanliao SI-18, practitioners aim to harness the body's natural healing mechanisms, reducing inflammation and pain while fostering a return to balance and health.

See more details below about Quanliao SI-18, an acupoint used to address lip abscess.

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  • Small Intestine Channel
Quanliao SI-18

Quanliao SI-18

Directly below the outer canthus, in the depression on the lower border of zygoma.