Internal Traumaaccording to TCM

What is Internal Trauma?

Internal trauma refers to physical harm to the body's internal structures or organs, often resulting from accidents or violence. Unlike external injuries, internal trauma isn't immediately visible but can be equally or more dangerous.

It encompasses a range of injuries, including those to organs, internal bleeding, and damages to internal systems. Such trauma requires prompt medical attention for diagnosis and treatment, as it can lead to critical conditions if left unaddressed.

TCM Perspective on Internal Trauma

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches internal trauma with a unique perspective that focuses on the balance and flow of Qi (vital energy) and blood within the body.

TCM suggests that internal injuries disrupt this flow, leading to an imbalance that manifests as various symptoms. The goal of TCM in treating internal trauma is to restore the balance, ensure the smooth flow of Qi and Blood, and consequently heal the body from within.

Causes of Internal Trauma According to TCM

TCM identifies several patterns that may contribute to internal trauma. Primarily, the stagnation of Qi and blood is considered a key factor. This Stagnation can result from a sudden or severe injury that disrupts the normal flow of these vital forces.

Additionally, the invasion of pathogenic factors such as internal Wind or Dampness can compound the effects of the injury. TCM treatments target these underlying patterns, focusing on restoring the flow and balance of Qi and Blood, which are crucial for healing internal injuries.

TCM Herbs for Internal Trauma

TCM employs various herbs to address internal trauma, with choices dependent on the specific patterns and symptoms exhibited by the patient. Herbs like Dragon's Blood (Xue Jie) and Rosewood (Jiang Xiang) are often used to invigorate the Blood, addressing Blood Stagnation and facilitating the healing process.

Hibiscus Leaves (Fu Rong Ye) are another example, known for their properties in cooling the blood and treating conditions such as Toxic Heat and Damp-Heat. The selection of herbs in TCM is tailored to each patient, aiming to correct the specific imbalances and disruptions caused by the internal trauma.

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"Herbs that invigorate the Blood" recommended for internal trauma

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Dragon's Blood (Xue Jie) Not applicable
Rosewood (Jiang Xiang) Not applicable