Hypertensive Headachesaccording to TCM

Symptom family: Headaches

Parent symptom: Headaches

What is Hypertensive Headaches

Hypertensive headaches occur when an increase in blood pressure leads to discomfort, typically characterized by a pulsating pain at the back of the head, though it can radiate elsewhere. These headaches are often more intense upon waking and can be coupled with symptoms like vision changes and a sense of pulsation in the neck or head area.

How does TCM view Hypertensive Headaches

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, identifying a "pattern" is crucial as it shapes the treatment strategy. Patterns describe imbalances in the body's energies and guide practitioners in their approach. For instance, understanding whether hypertensive headaches arise from an Excess pattern like Liver Fire Blazing or a Deficient one informs targeted treatments to rectify the specific disharmony, ensuring that the therapy addresses both the root cause and the symptoms.

Cause of Hypertensive Headaches According to TCM

Within the TCM framework, Liver Fire Blazing is considered a common cause of hypertensive headaches. This pattern is characterized by a constellation of symptoms that, besides headaches, may include red eyes, a bitter taste in the mouth, irritability, and a quick temper. The goal of TCM treatment is to extinguish this 'Fire', bringing the body back to a state of equilibrium and alleviating the headache.

TCM Formula and Herbs Recommendations for Hypertensive Headaches

To address the pattern of Liver Fire Blazing, TCM recommends formulas that have a cooling effect on the Liver and subdue the excess Fire. One such formula is Xie Qing Wan, which includes the key herb Chinese Gentian (Long Dan Cao), known for its bitter and cold properties.

This herb is selected to clear the excessive Heat from the Liver, aiming to reduce the intensity of headaches and lower blood pressure by restoring internal balance. It's important to remember that TCM treatments are highly individualized, focusing on the unique presentation of symptoms in each person.

TCM Herbal Formulas for Hypertensive Headaches

See more details below about Xie Qing Wan, a herbal formula used to address hypertensive headaches.

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TCM Herbs for Hypertensive Headaches

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