Hepatic Neoplasmsaccording to TCM

What is Hepatic Neoplasms?

Hepatic neoplasms are abnormal growths that occur in the liver. These growths can be benign or malignant, with liver cancer, specifically hepatocellular carcinoma, being the most common type of malignant liver tumor.

Hepatic neoplasms can disrupt liver function and, depending on their nature, can spread to other parts of the body. Early detection and diagnosis are crucial for effective treatment and management of these growths.

How does TCM view Hepatic Neoplasms?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches hepatic neoplasms not as isolated occurrences but as signs of underlying imbalances within the body's system.

TCM practitioners look at liver tumors as manifestations of disruptions in the flow of Qi and Blood, influenced by factors such as emotional stress, environmental toxins, dietary habits, and inherited constitution. The principle is to restore harmony and balance, thereby addressing not just the tumors but the overall well-being of the individual.

Causes of Hepatic Neoplasms According to TCM

TCM theory suggests that hepatic neoplasms arise when there is a chronic imbalance in the body's vital energies. Two primary patterns often seen in patients with liver tumors are Blood Stagnation and Qi Stagnation. Blood Stagnation refers to the impeded flow of blood within the body, often resulting in sharp pain and the formation of masses.

Qi Stagnation pertains to the blocked movement of the body's vital energy, which can lead to emotional upheavals and physical symptoms, such as lumps or swollen areas. These Stagnations, often exacerbated by Heat or Dampness, can create an environment where tumors develop.

TCM Herbal Formulas for Hepatic Neoplasms

In the realm of TCM, treatment for hepatic neoplasms may involve formulas designed to invigorate Blood and disperse Stagnation. A classic formula such as Da Huang Zhe Chong Wan, containing Rhubarb (Da Huang), is commonly used.

This formula targets Blood Stagnation, a key pattern often observed in patients with liver tumors. The selected herbs and formulas are based on individual diagnosis and are part of a broader strategy to restore the body's equilibrium and enhance its natural healing capabilities. It's not just about treating the tumor; it's about nurturing the body's health to prevent the recurrence of disease.

Explore below some TCM herbal formulas used to address hepatic neoplasms, organized by formula type.

  • By Formula Type
  • Formulas that invigorate blood and dispel blood stagnation
  • Formulas that nourish yin and tonify

TCM Herbs for Hepatic Neoplasms

Explore below some TCM herbs used to address hepatic neoplasms, organized by herb category.

  • By Herb Category
  • Herbs that clear heat and relieve toxicity
  • Purgative herbs that drain downward
  • Herbs that invigorate the blood