Forearm Neuralgiaaccording to TCM

What is Forearm Neuralgia?

Forearm neuralgia, characterized by a sharp, burning, or shooting pain in the forearm, can significantly impact daily activities, as the forearm plays a critical role in various movements and functions.

The pain might arise spontaneously or in response to stimuli that usually do not provoke pain and may be associated with tingling sensations or numbness, suggesting nerve irritation or damage. This condition can be a standalone issue or a symptom of broader systemic problems, including nerve trauma, compression, or systemic diseases affecting the nervous system.

How does TCM View Forearm Neuralgia?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) interprets forearm neuralgia through the lens of Qi (vital energy) and Blood flow disruptions within the body's meridians. According to TCM, when Qi and Blood cannot flow freely due to blockages or imbalances, pain and dysfunction such as neuralgia may ensue.

These blockages can be caused by external factors like injury or internal disharmonies such as Liver Qi Stagnation or Cold Damp obstruction. Identifying the precise disharmony pattern is paramount in TCM, as it dictates the tailored treatment strategy, which may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, and lifestyle modifications.

Acupoints for Forearm Neuralgia

In managing forearm neuralgia, TCM proposes specific acupoints along the Heart Channel, which are believed to influence the flow of Qi and Blood to alleviate pain and discomfort. One notable point is Lingdao HE-4, found on the forearm's radial side.

Activating this point is thought to calm the Mind, which is intimately connected with the Heart in TCM, relax the sinews, and potentially benefit the voice by opening channels that affect the throat. By targeting such acupoints, TCM aims to restore harmony and balance, thereby reducing the symptoms of neuralgia. The selection of acupoints is tailored to the individual, taking into account the unique pattern of imbalance contributing to the neuralgia.

See more details below about Lingdao HE-4, an acupoint used to address forearm neuralgia.

  • By Meridian
  • Heart Channel
Lingdao HE-4

Lingdao HE-4

On the radial side of the tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris, 1.5 cun above the transverse crease of the wrist when the palm faces upward.