Eye Upper Orbit Painaccording to TCM

Symptom family: Eye Disorders and Symptoms

Parent symptom: Painful Eyes

What is Eye Upper Orbit Pain?

Eye upper orbit pain refers to discomfort or pain in the area around the upper eye socket, commonly known as orbital pain. This type of pain can be sharp, dull, throbbing, or aching and may be associated with other symptoms like headache, blurred vision, or eye movement discomfort.

Eye upper orbit pain can be caused by various factors, including sinus issues, eye strain, inflammation, or more serious conditions like glaucoma or orbital cellulitis. Understanding the underlying cause is crucial for effective treatment and relief.

How does TCM view Eye Upper Orbit Pain?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a distinct perspective on eye upper orbit pain, differing from Western medicine's approach. TCM views this pain as a symptom of underlying imbalances in the body’s Qi (energy), Blood, and Yin-Yang harmony.

According to TCM, pain in the upper orbit can be a result of imbalances such as Liver Qi stagnation or Liver Blood Deficiency, often related to emotional stress, lifestyle factors, or systemic health issues. TCM emphasizes the importance of identifying these disharmonies to provide holistic and effective treatment.

Acupoints for Eye Upper Orbit Pain

In TCM, acupuncture is used as a key therapeutic method to alleviate eye upper orbit pain. Specific acupoints, such as Ganshu BL-18 in the Bladder Channel, are targeted for their effectiveness in treating this symptom. Ganshu BL-18, located 1.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of the 9th thoracic vertebra (T9), is known for its actions in resolving Damp-Heat, invigorating Liver Qi and Blood, nourishing Liver Blood, extinguishing Interior Wind, and benefiting the eyes and sinews.

Stimulating this acupoint can help alleviate the pain and address the underlying imbalances, reflecting TCM's holistic approach to treating eye-related discomfort.

See more details below about Ganshu BL-18, an acupoint used to address eye upper orbit pain.

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  • Bladder Channel
Ganshu BL-18

Ganshu BL-18

1.5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of the 9th thoracic vertebra (T9).