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What is Eye Fatigue?

Eye fatigue, also known as ocular fatigue or tired eyes, is a common condition marked by soreness, weakness, or strain in the eyes. It often results from intense or prolonged visual activities, such as reading, screen usage, or driving, especially under inadequate lighting conditions.

Symptoms can include blurred vision, dry or watery eyes, and a general feeling of discomfort or heaviness in the eyes. In today's digital age, eye fatigue is increasingly prevalent, highlighting the need for understanding and addressing this eye health issue.

How does TCM view Eye Fatigue?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a distinct perspective on eye fatigue, contrasting with Western medical views. TCM interprets eye fatigue as a symptom of imbalances in the body's Qi (energy) and Blood, not merely as a localized eye issue.

This approach emphasizes the importance of identifying specific patterns of disharmony causing eye fatigue, as each pattern requires a unique treatment strategy. TCM considers both external factors, such as environmental influences, and internal factors, like emotional stress or general health, in its holistic treatment approach.

Causes of Eye Fatigue According to TCM

In TCM, eye fatigue is often linked to specific internal disharmonies. One common cause is Liver Blood Deficiency, where the Liver's inability to store and supply adequate Blood leads to eye strain and fatigue. This Deficiency can be a result of factors such as poor diet, overwork, or chronic stress.

Another contributing factor is Stomach Yang Deficiency, which reflects a depletion of warm, active energy affecting overall vitality, including eye health. These TCM patterns highlight the importance of addressing both physical and energetic aspects to effectively treat eye fatigue.

TCM Herbal Formulas for Eye Fatigue

TCM addresses eye fatigue through various herbal formulas tailored to the identified disharmony patterns. For patterns like Stomach Yang Deficiency, a formula such as Wu Zhu Yu Tang, containing Evodia Fruits (Wu Zhu Yu), is recommended. This formula works to warm the middle and dispel cold, thereby addressing the root cause of eye fatigue linked to internal coldness.

The selection of specific herbs and formulas is based on a comprehensive TCM diagnosis, ensuring a personalized treatment that aligns with the individual's unique pattern of disharmony. This approach underlines TCM's commitment to treating the whole person, not just the symptoms.

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TCM Herbs for Eye Fatigue

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