Enteric Choleraaccording to TCM

What is Enteric Cholera?

Enteric Cholera, synonymous with cholera in the intestines and intestinal infection with Vibrio cholerae, is a severe bacterial infection of the small intestine. This ailment is characterized by acute, watery diarrhea and can lead to rapid dehydration. It is primarily caused by ingesting contaminated water or food, particularly in areas with poor sanitation.

How does TCM View Enteric Cholera?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) interprets enteric cholera through a lens different from Western medicine, focusing on the disharmony of internal elements rather than the bacterial cause. TCM considers the disease a result of imbalances in the body’s Qi, Yin, Yang, and Dampness, and its treatment aims to restore this harmony.

Causes of Enteric Cholera According to TCM

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), enteric cholera is associated with specific imbalances or disharmonies within the body. A key pattern often identified is the presence of Dampness combined with Summer Heat. This pattern reflects an internal imbalance where Excessive Dampness and Heat accumulate, disrupting the normal function of the body.

Additionally, TCM recognizes the presence of Exterior Cold with Interior Dampness during summer as a contributing factor. This pattern involves external climatic factors exacerbating internal Dampness, leading to symptoms similar to those of enteric cholera.

TCM Herbal Formulas for Enteric Cholera

To address the patterns identified in enteric cholera, TCM recommends specific formulas and herbs. For the pattern of Summer Heat with Dampness, a formula like Xiang Ru San, which includes Vietnamese balm as a key herb, is often prescribed. Vietnamese balm, characterized as Pungent and Warm, is particularly effective in treating this pattern.

This formula is not only used for dispelling Summer Heat but also for resolving Exterior conditions that lead to Interior Dampness during summer months. The choice of this formula and its components is reflective of TCM’s approach to treat the underlying disharmony patterns rather than just the symptoms.

See more details below about Xiang Ru San, a herbal formula used to address enteric cholera.

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TCM Herbs for Enteric Cholera

See more details below about Vietnamese Balm (Xiang Ru), a herb used to address enteric cholera.

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