Deep Rooted Ulcersaccording to TCM

What are Deep Rooted Ulcers?

Deep rooted ulcers represent a severe form of ulceration that penetrates deeply into the skin and underlying tissues, often proving resistant to conventional treatments. Characterized by their persistence and depth, these ulcers are indicative of significant underlying health issues that may involve poor circulation, infection, or immune system dysfunction.

Unlike surface ulcers that affect only the top layer of the skin, deep rooted ulcers involve deeper structures, making healing more complicated and prolonged. This condition underscores the importance of understanding the complexities of wound healing and the need for comprehensive approaches to treatment.

How does TCM view Deep Rooted Ulcers?

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), deep rooted ulcers are seen as manifestations of profound internal imbalances, particularly involving Qi (vital energy), Blood, and Body Fluids. TCM posits that such ulcers arise when pathogenic factors such as Dampness, Heat, or Stagnation invade the body, obstructing the flow of Qi and Blood and leading to tissue damage and ulcer formation.

Identifying the specific pattern of disharmony causing these ulcers is essential in TCM, as it guides the selection of treatments aimed at correcting the underlying imbalances. This holistic approach emphasizes treating both the symptoms and their root causes to promote healing and restore health.

Acupoints for Deep Rooted Ulcers

In addressing deep rooted ulcers, TCM incorporates acupuncture as a key component of treatment, focusing on acupoints that can help alleviate the condition. One such acupoint is Zhoujian EX-UE-1, located on the tip of the olecranon. Stimulating this point is believed to transform Phlegm and reduce swelling, directly targeting the accumulation of pathogenic factors that contribute to the severity and persistence of deep rooted ulcers.

By employing acupuncture at strategic points like Zhoujian EX-UE-1, TCM aims to restore the harmonious flow of Qi and Blood, facilitating the healing process and offering relief from this challenging condition. This method reflects TCM's nuanced approach to health and healing, where the goal is to balance the body's internal energies and promote natural recovery.

See more details below about Zhoujian EX-UE-1, an acupoint used to address deep rooted ulcers.

  • By Meridian
  • Extra Points: Upper Extremities (EX-UE)
Zhoujian EX-UE-1

Zhoujian EX-UE-1

On the tip of the olecranon.