Chronic Convulsionaccording to TCM

Symptom family: Seizure and Epileptic Disorders

Parent symptom: Convulsions

What is Chronic Convulsion?

Chronic convulsion is a neurological symptom characterized by repeated, involuntary muscle contractions and relaxations. These episodes can vary in intensity from slight tremors to violent movements and can occur as a result of various underlying conditions.

The symptom is not a disease in itself but rather an expression of an imbalance in bodily functions that requires further investigation to understand its root causes.

How does TCM view Chronic Convulsion?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) interprets chronic convulsion as a manifestation of internal disharmony, where essential energies within the body are out of balance.

This ancient medical system doesn't just look at the convulsion itself but seeks to understand the 'pattern' of imbalance causing it—be it an Excess of Internal Wind, a Deficiency of Yin, or a disturbance in the flow of Qi. The aim is to restore harmony, emphasizing the necessity to discern the specific pattern affecting each individual before commencing treatment.

Causes of Chronic Convulsion according to TCM

In the TCM framework, chronic convulsions are often attributed to internal disharmonies. For instance, a common cause is identified as Liver Wind, which may arise from extreme Yang energy or Yin Deficiency, leading to involuntary movements.

Another pattern could be Phlegm Heat, where an accumulation of Phlegm and heat in the meridians disrupts the smooth flow of Qi and Blood, causing convulsive symptoms. Each patient's condition is unique, and these patterns are carefully analyzed to tailor a treatment that addresses the specific imbalances in their energy flow.

TCM Herbs for Chronic Convulsion

TCM utilizes a plethora of herbs to treat chronic convulsion, each with properties to correct specific imbalances. Herbs like Chlorite Schist are valued for their ability to transform Phlegm and clear the Lungs, thus easing symptoms associated with Phlegm Heat.

Additionally, Scorpions might be prescribed to pacify Internal Liver Wind, which is often implicated in convulsive disorders. The choice of herbs is made with a nuanced understanding of the patient's overall pattern of disharmony, ensuring a targeted approach to restoring equilibrium within the body.

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