Bleeding Post Hemorrhoidectomyaccording to TCM

Symptom family: Bleeding Wounds

What is Bleeding Post Hemorrhoidectomy?

Bleeding post hemorrhoidectomy is a potential complication following the surgical removal of hemorrhoids, characterized by the discharge of blood from the anal area. This bleeding can occur immediately after surgery or during the recovery phase.

While some degree of bleeding is expected and can be considered a normal part of the healing process, persistent or heavy bleeding may indicate a complication and should be evaluated by a healthcare provider.

How Does TCM View Bleeding Post Hemorrhoidectomy?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches post-surgical bleeding, such as that after a hemorrhoidectomy, as a symptom of disharmony within the body. In TCM, the health of the Blood and its circulation is governed by the harmonious function of the Qi, and any disruption to this system can manifest as bleeding.

Recognizing the specific disharmony pattern is essential in TCM, as the treatment focuses on restoring balance and ensuring proper Blood circulation to promote healing.

Causes of Bleeding Post Hemorrhoidectomy According to TCM

TCM considers several patterns that might lead to bleeding post hemorrhoidectomy. One such pattern involves Heat in the Large Intestine, which can cause Blood to move recklessly.

Another pattern is Large Intestine Dryness, where insufficient Body Fluids lead to dry stools and potential damage to the intestinal lining, exacerbating bleeding. TCM diagnosis seeks to identify these patterns to address the root cause and not just the symptom, thereby aiding in recovery and preventing further complications.

TCM Herbal Formulas for Bleeding Post Hemorrhoidectomy

For managing bleeding post hemorrhoidectomy, TCM recommends formulas that can moisten the intestines and promote bowel health. A key formula often used is Ma Zi Ren Wan, which includes Hemp seeds (Huo Ma Ren) as a principal ingredient.

This formula, characterized by its sweet and neutral properties, is designed to address the underlying patterns such as Heat in the Large Intestine or Large Intestine Dryness. By correcting these imbalances, the formula aids in softening the stools and reducing strain during bowel movements, thus helping to minimize bleeding and facilitate healing.

See more details below about Ma Zi Ren Wan, a herbal formula used to address bleeding post hemorrhoidectomy.

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TCM Herbs for Bleeding Post Hemorrhoidectomy

See more details below about Hemp Seeds (Huo Ma Ren), a herb used to address bleeding post hemorrhoidectomy.

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