Acute Urinary Retentionaccording to TCM

What is Acute Urinary Retention?

Acute urinary retention, an emergent urological condition, manifests as an abrupt and painful inability to urinate. This sudden blockage disrupts the normal flow of urine, necessitating immediate medical attention to relieve the distress and potential bladder damage. This is a severe and more immediate version of urinary retention, which can have various underlying causes and may lead to complications if not promptly addressed.

How does TCM View Acute Urinary Retention?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acute urinary retention is seen not merely as a singular physical ailment but as a symptom of underlying imbalances within the body’s energetic pathways.

TCM practitioners look beyond the physical manifestation to diagnose the root cause as a disharmony in the body's Qi, the vital life force. The key to treatment in TCM lies in identifying the specific pattern of disharmony, which dictates a tailored treatment approach to restore balance and flow within the body.

Causes of Acute Urinary Retention According to TCM

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acute urinary retention can often be a manifestation of Blood Stagnation within the lower Burner. This Stagnation obstructs the flow of Qi and Body Fluids in the Bladder Channel, leading to an inability to urinate despite the urge.

For instance, Blood Stagnation may arise from traumatic injuries or may develop over time due to a sedentary lifestyle, emotional disturbances, or coldness causing contraction of the urinary tract. Identifying this pattern is crucial as it dictates a tailored treatment approach, emphasizing the restoration of blood flow and Qi movement in the pelvic area.

TCM Herbal Formulas for Acute Urinary Retention

To address Blood Stagnation, a practitioner might recommend a formula like Di Dang Tang, which includes herbs known for their blood invigorating properties. Leeches (Shui Zhi), for example, are used in this formula for their potent action in breaking up Blood Stagnation, especially when it manifests in acute conditions such as urinary retention.

Adjunct herbs in the formula work synergistically to warm the channels, dispel cold, and promote urination. It's important to note that the prescription of such formulas should be handled by a qualified TCM practitioner, who can adjust the treatment based on individual diagnostic nuances.

See more details below about Di Dang Tang, a herbal formula used to address acute urinary retention.

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TCM Herbs for Acute Urinary Retention

Explore below some TCM herbs used to address acute urinary retention, organized by herb category.

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"Herbs that invigorate the Blood" recommended for acute urinary retention

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Leeches (Shui Zhi) Di Dang Tang
Tabanus Horseflies (Meng Chong) Di Dang Tang