Acute Prostatitisaccording to TCM

What is Acute Prostatitis?

Acute prostatitis is a sudden and severe inflammation of the prostate gland, typically caused by a bacterial infection. This condition can lead to symptoms such as painful urination, difficulty in passing urine, pelvic pain, and sometimes flu-like symptoms including fever and chills.

It's a condition that can affect men of all ages and, if diagnosed quickly, is usually responsive to treatment. Acute prostatitis is a distinct form of prostatitis that requires immediate medical attention to prevent further complications.

How Does TCM View Acute Prostatitis?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perceives acute prostatitis not as an isolated infection but as a symptom of an underlying imbalance within the body's energetic system. According to TCM, the condition may arise from patterns of disharmony such as Damp-Heat in the Lower Burner or Blood Stagnation affecting the prostate.

Recognizing and treating the specific disharmony is critical in TCM, as it is believed that restoring the body's natural energy flow can alleviate the symptoms and address the root cause of acute prostatitis.

Causes of Acute Prostatitis According to TCM

In TCM, acute prostatitis is often understood as a consequence of specific patterns of disharmony, with Blood Stagnation being one of the primary causes. This can lead to the painful and obstructive symptoms characteristic of the condition.

Another common pattern associated with acute prostatitis is Damp-Heat, which can cause inflammation and contribute to the urgency and discomfort during urination. TCM treatments focus on resolving these imbalances, typically through methods that invigorate Blood and clear Heat, to alleviate the acute symptoms of prostatitis.

TCM Herbal Formulas for Acute Prostatitis

For the treatment of acute prostatitis, TCM turns to formulas that invigorate Blood and address Blood Stagnation. An example is Di Dang Tang, which includes Leeches (Shui Zhi) as a potent herb to break up Blood Stagnation and improve circulation.

This helps in reducing the inflammation and pain associated with acute prostatitis. The selection of such formulas is based on a careful assessment of the patient's specific patterns, ensuring a targeted approach to restore balance and promote healing.

See more details below about Di Dang Tang, a herbal formula used to address acute prostatitis.

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TCM Herbs for Acute Prostatitis

Explore below some TCM herbs used to address acute prostatitis, organized by herb category.

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"Herbs that invigorate the Blood" recommended for acute prostatitis

Herb Formulas they belong to (if applicable)
Leeches (Shui Zhi) Di Dang Tang
Tabanus Horseflies (Meng Chong) Di Dang Tang