Milk Boost Tea to produce more milk

Milk Boost Tea: strong galactagogue effect

 95% of moms who tried it found it effective

 10 times more herbs than other herbal supplements

 100% pure natural plants: no additive or chemical ingredient

Hear why Megan uses Milk Boost Tea as a galactagogue

When her twins were born, Megan couldn't produce enough milk to feed both of them.

Thankfully she found Milk Boost Tea: within just a matter of days, her milk supply increased dramatically.

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Product details

Milk Boost Tea's specifications
Product name: Milk Boost Tea
Function: Promotes healthy breast milk production
Price: $11.95 per box, after discount
Dimensions: 5.5 in. (14cm) x 3.5 in. (9cm) X 2.8 in. (7cm) per box
Weight: 4.74 OZ (134g) per box
Servings: 42 servings (14 tea bags) per box
Directions: Drink like a normal tea. Feel free to add honey or sugar. Start by drinking up to 3 tea bags a day (re-using each tea bag 3 times) if there is a severe lack of milk. Reduce progressively to 1 tea bag.
Ingredients: Flowering quince, Poria-cocos mushroom, Kudzu root, Sponge gourd, Dong quai, Rose flowers, Angular solomon's seal root, Liquorice, King solomon's seal root, Cinnamon bark, Amomum fruit, Yam, Longan

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