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Hear how Megan, mom of twins, increased her lactation with Milk Boost Tea

When her twins were born, Megan needed help increasing her lactation to feed both of them.

Thankfully she found Milk Boost Tea: within just a matter of days, her milk supply increased dramatically.

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Product details

Milk Boost Tea's specifications
Product name: Milk Boost Tea
Function: Promotes healthy breast milk production
Price: $11.95 per box, after discount
Dimensions: 5.5 in. (14cm) x 3.5 in. (9cm) X 2.8 in. (7cm) per box
Weight: 4.74 OZ (134g) per box
Servings: 42 servings (14 tea bags) per box
Directions: Drink like a normal tea. Feel free to add honey or sugar. Start by drinking up to 3 tea bags a day (re-using each tea bag 3 times) if there is a severe lack of milk. Reduce progressively to 1 tea bag.
Ingredients: Flowering quince, Poria-cocos mushroom, Kudzu root, Sponge gourd, Dong quai, Rose flowers, Angular solomon's seal root, Liquorice, King solomon's seal root, Cinnamon bark, Amomum fruit, Yam, Longan

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