What helps engorged breasts when weaning?

By Me & Qi
Mar 13, 2019

This post is part of our complete guide on treating engorgement and clogged ducts. Refer back to the guide if you want a complete list of topics covered, from prevention to diagnosis and treatment. If you're specifically interested in what you can do to relieve engorgement when weaning, please read on!

What helps engorged breasts when weaning?

In an ideal world you shouldn’t get engorged breasts when weaning. One way to achieve that is to reduce your breastfeeding in small steps (each step lasting a few days) so as to progressively teach your body to produce less and less milk. That way you can avoid an overflow of milk in your breasts, the cause of engorgement.

If you still get engorgement when weaning, one way to help is to drink a herbal tea especially designed for the purpose like our very own Unblock Nursing Tea. It’s based on a 12-plant vegan recipe used for centuries by Chinese women to deal with engorged breasts. You can also get yourself a massage from a specialized therapist. For more details, read our dedicated article on relieving engorgement.

So to summarize, what helps engorged breasts when weaning?

  • There is no reason you should have engorged breasts when weaning. If you reduce your breastfeeding step by step, your body will progressively reduce the milk flow to your breasts and you might avoid engorgement.
  • If you still encounter engorgement when weaning, read our dedicated article on relieving engorged breasts.

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