Is it bad to let your breasts get engorged?

By Me & Qi
Mar 13, 2019

This post is part of our complete guide on treating engorgement and clogged ducts. Refer back to the guide if you want a complete list of topics covered, from prevention to diagnosis and treatment. If you're specifically interested in understanding whether it's bad to let your breasts get engorged, please read on!

Is it bad to let your breasts get engorged?

Having engorged breasts is a very common occurrence for breastfeeding moms: 72% to 82% of lactating women experience it1! Engorged breasts are not bad, they’re a painful but frequent occurrence for nursing moms. Importantly they don’t affect the quality of your milk at all. It’s perfectly safe - and even highly recommended - that you keep breastfeeding when you face engorged breast, clogged ducts or even mastitis.

What’s bad is to let your engorgement or plugged duct issues linger and worsen. If you do so it can lead to mastitis, a very painful inflammation of the breast that you’ll need to see a doctor about. If you face engorged breasts it’s therefore important you take the right steps to solve the issue. Please read our dedicated article on how to relieve engorged breasts to learn more.

So to summarize, is it bad to let your breasts get engorged?

  • Engorged breasts aren’t bad, they’re a normal occurrence that most breastfeeding women experience.
  • It’s important though that you take the right steps to solve your engorgement issues. Read our dedicated article on relieving engorged breasts to understand what you can do.

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