Tianshu ST-25

Chinese: 天枢

Pinyin: Tiān shū


2 cun lateral to the center of the umbilicus. 

How to locate

Tianshu ST-25 is 2 cun lateral to the center of the umbilicus. It is also the midpoint between the umbilicus and mamillary line. 

Main actions

  1. Regulates the Intestines, Stomach and Spleen
  2. Invigorates Qi and Blood in the Uterus
  3. Resolves Dampness
  4. Expels Wind-Heat
  5. Calms the Mind


Vertically 0.5–1.5 cun.

For gynaecological disorders, obliquely in an inferior direction towards the uterus.

Caution: Peritoneum, pregnancy. The needle may reach the aponeuroses of the oblique abdominal musculature at the transition to the sheath of the rectus abdominis muscle.

Commentary for Tianshu ST-25

Tianshu ST-25 is a very important point of the Stomach Channel

First of all, it is widely used for all types of Stomach Excess patterns that leads to abdominal pain and distension. Other typical symptoms include umbilical pain, borborygmi or constipation.

Secondly, if it is used with moxibustion, it warms and tonifies the Spleen and the Intestines. It treats chronic diarrhoea or undigested food in stools caused by Spleen Yang Deficiency. In this situation, it is often used together with Qihai REN-6 and Shangjuxu ST-37. As the Front Collecting point of the Large Intestine Channel, it is especially indicated in acute patterns of the Organ. 

Dampness in the Intestines or Oedema can also cause diarrhoea, which can be resolved by Tianshu ST-25. In fact, this point is always used for bowel disorders regardless constipation or diarrhoea. Other typical manifestations include leukorrhoea, oedema, swelling of face or turbid urine. 

Furthermore, it has a powerful effect in Uterus function by invigorating Qi and Blood there. Typical manifestations include period pain, irregular menstruation and infertility.

Tianshu ST-25 is able to expel Exterior Wind-Heat as well. In fact, it is widely used in the Bright Yang Stage of the Six Stage Theory or Qi Level of the Four Level Theory. In these cases, it is often combined with Quchi LI-11

Finally, it calms the Mind by resolving the Dampness or Phlegm that mists the Heart, which is often a direct result of the Spleen and Stomach dysfunction. This function is very similar to its neighboring points of Taiyi ST-23 and Huaroumen ST-24.