Daheng SP-15

Chinese: 大横

Pinyin: Dà Hé


On the mammillary line 4 cun lateral to the umbilicus center. 

How to locate

Find the center of the umbilicus and measure 4 cun laterally and locate Daheng SP-15 at the same level. 

The point should fall on the mamillary line, which can be used as reference, especially for men. 

Main actions

Strengthens the Spleen


Vertically 1–1.5 cun.

Caution: Peritoneum, pregnancy. Deep needling may reach the aponeuroses of the transverse abdominal musculature.

Commentary for Daheng SP-15

Daheng SP-15 is quite an important point with various functions, especially for abdominal disorders. 

First of all, it tonifies the Spleen so as to strengthen the Spleen's function of transforming and transporting Food Essence, Qi, Body Fluids and Blood. Therefore, it is able to improve symptoms such as general fatigue, poor appetite, sadness and weakness. 

When the Spleen is weak, it fails to transport Food Essence to the limbs, causing cold and weak limbs. Daheng SP-15 is able to solve this issue. 

On the other hand, the stronger Spleen Qi can stimulate the Large Intestine's stools moving function, thus treat chronic constipation. 

Furthermore, Daheng SP-15 is able to resolve Dampness as well with stronger Spleen Qi. It is because the Spleen rules the Body Fluids transformation. It is especially effective in removing Dampness in the Intestines so as to treat chronic diarrhoea with mucus in the stools. 

Finally, in additional to the tonifying attributes, it also regulates Liver Qi, thus resolving Qi Stagnation in the abdomen, characterized by abdominal pain pain.