Shouwuli LI-13

Chinese: 手五里

Pinyin: Shǒu Wǔ Lǐ


Superior to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, 3 cun above Quchi LI-11, on the line connecting Quchi LI-11 and Jianyu LI-15

How to locate

First identify the line connecting Quchi LI-11 at the lateral end of the elbow crease and Jianyu LI-15 in a depression anterior and inferior to the acromion. 

Locate Shouwuli LI-13 on this line, 3 cun above Quchi LI-11, on the lateral border of the biceps, in a depression between the biceps and the brachialis muscle. 

It is easier to locate the point when the elbow is flexed at 90°. 

Main actions

  1. Removes obstructions from the Channel
  2. Regulates Qi
  3. Resolves Dampness and Phlegm


Vertically 0.5–1 cun, alongside the anterior border of the humerus

Commentary for Shouwuli LI-13

Shouwuli LI-13 is less important comparing with other points in the Large Intestine Channel

Its main function is to remove Obstructions from the Channel so as to treat numbness, pain and stiffness in the upper arm, elbow and shoulder. 

It also regulates Qi, resolves Dampness and Phlegm from the chest area so that it is indicated for symptoms like coughing, short of breath, vomiting blood or fever.