Shousanli LI-10

Chinese: 手三里

Pinyin: Shǒu Sān Lǐ


When a fist is made, with the ulnar side downward and elbow flexed, the point is 2 cun distal to Quchi LI-11 of the line joining Yangxi LI-5 and Quchi LI-11. 

How to locate

With the hand supinated, the line connecting Yangxi LI-5 and Quchi LI-11 runs alongside the radial margin of the forearm. However, with the arm pronated, it transverses the forearm.

The forearm is recommended to be in a midposition with flexed elbow. Shousanli LI-10 is located 2 cun distal to Quchi LI-11 on the line connecting Yangxi LI-5 and Quchi LI-11. 

Main actions

  1. Regulates the Intestines
  2. Removes Obstructions from the Channel
  3. Tonifies Qi


Vertically 1–2 cun

Commentary for Shousanli LI-10

Shousanli LI-10 is a major point of the Large Intestine Channel. It is widely used to treat intestine disorders such as abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhoea. 

Furthermore, it is a very important point in treating Painful Obstruction Syndrome, particularly in arms, hands, elbows and shoulders. It eases pain and stiffness there. It can also be used for atrophy or Wind-stroke syndromes. 

Finally Shousanli LI-10 tonifies Qi, like the arm version of Zusanli ST-36 (Foot Three Miles) which is very powerful in Qi and Blood tonifying