Tinghui GB-2

Chinese: 听会

Pinyin: Tīng Huì


Anterior to the intertragic notch, directly below Tinggong SI-19, at the posterior border of the condyloid process of the mandible

How to locate

It is recommended to locate and needle the point with the mouth open, so that the mandible condyloid process slides towards the anterior and reveal the depression where Tinghui GB-2 is located. 

Find the vertical sulcus anterior to the ear at the ear/cheek junction. Then locate GB-2 on the sulcus, on the level of the intertragic notch.

Main actions

  1. Benefits the ears
  2. Expels Exterior Wind


0.5–1 cun vertically or slightly obliquely in an inferior direction.

It is recommended to needle with the patient’s mouth open to avoid intra-articular insertion.

Caution: Like Ermen TB-21 and Tinggong SI-19, this point is located close to the superficial temporal artery and the auriculotemporal nerve.

Commentary for Tinghui GB-2

There are three points anterior to the tragus of the ear, Tinghui GB-2 inferiorly, Ermen TB-21 superiorly and Tinggong SI-19 in the center. All three are frequently used to treat various ear problems, such as tinnitus, deafness, pain, itching and discharge in the ear. It is recommended to needle these three point alternately if frequent needling treatments are required. 

Furthermore, Tinghui GB-2 expels Exterior Wind as well, especially when Wind-Heat obstructing the Channels. Typical manifestations are eye or mouth deviation, mumps, toothache and etc.