Yintang EX-HN-3

Chinese: 印堂

Pinyin: Yìn Táng


Yintang EX-HN-3 is between the eyebrows and on the anterior midline

How to locate

First identify glabella which is a smooth surface directly above the nose root and on the frontal bone. 

Yintang EX-HN-3 is in the center, between the eyebrows and on the anterior midline

Main actions

  1. Calms the Mind
  2. Pacifies Wind
  3. Benefits the nose


Oblique or transverse insertion towards the eyebrows or prick to bleed. 

Or use Pinching-skin method: With the thumb and index finger, form a skin fold above the point and insert the needle 0.3–0.5 cun transversely from superior to inferior into the fold, towards the root of the nose. 

Commentary for Yintang EX-HN-3

Yintang EX-HN-3 is mostly used to pacify Interior Wind and ease convulsions, especially for children at the late stage of a febrile disease. 

It can also be used on the daily basis to calm the Mind and relieve anxiety and insomnia.