Weishang EX-CA

Chinese: 胃上

Pinyin: Wèi Shàng


This point is on the Spleen Channel, 4 cun lateral and 2 cun superior to the umbilicus. 

How to locate

The distance between the sternocostal angle and the center of the umbilicus is 8 cun. 

Xiawan REN-10 is 2 cun superior to the umbilicus on the midline. Locate Weishang EX-CA 4 cun lateral to REN-10. 

Main actions

Benefits the abdomen


2–3 cun obliquely in the direction of the umbilicus.

Caution: Peritoneum, pregnancy.

Commentary for Weishang EX-CA

Weishang EX-CA is not a major Extra point. Its main function is to benefit the abdomen.