Kunlun BL-60

Chinese: 昆仑

Pinyin: Kūn Lún


In the depression between the tip of the lateral malleolus and the Achilles tendon. 

How to locate

Locate the tip of the lateral malleolus and palpate horizontally towards the Achilles tendon. Locate Kunlun BL-60 in a depression anterior to the tendon.

Main actions

  1. Removes obstructions from the Channel and benefits the back
  2. Pacifies Interior Wind and subdues Rebellious Qi from the head
  3. Clears Heat
  4. Induces labor


Vertically 0.5–1 cun.

Caution: Reducing Needling techniques is contraindicated during pregnancy, except for inducing labor. 

Commentary for Kunlun BL-60

Kunlun BL-60 is an important point with various functions. 

First of all, it is widely used as a distal point for treating back pain by removing obstructions from the Channel. Comparing with Weizhong BL-40, another major Bladder Channel point for the same indication, BL-60 is more for chronic back pain due to Deficiency rather than acute Excess reason. Other typical manifestations caused by Painful Obstructions syndromes are stiff and pain of the neck, occiput and shoulders as well as sciatica. 

Secondly, BL-60 pacifies Interior Wind and subdues Rebellious Qi from the head, characterized by symptoms such as epilepsy, lockjaw, headache and dizziness. 

Thirdly, the point is also widely used to clear Internal Heat from the Bladder Channel. As a result, it eases symptoms such as feeling of heat in the head, nose bleeding as well as red, pain and swelling of the eyes. 

Finally, it is used as a empirical point to induce labor and release placenta by invigorating the Blood. Therefore, it is contracted to be needled during pregnancy.