Verruca plana according to Chinese Medicine

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In Chinese Medicine verruca plana can be treated by one herbs that we have on record. Here is the list below.

Job's tears might help with verruca plana

Why might Job's Tears (Yi Yi Ren) help with verruca plana?

Because it is a herb specifically indicated to treat verruca plana as can be seen on Job's Tears's page.

Job's Tears is a Cool herb that tastes Sweet. It targets the Lung, the Spleen and the Stomach.

Its main actions are: Regulates water and encourages urination. Tonic to the Spleen and stops diarrhea caused by Spleen Deficiency. Reduces inflammation and eliminates pus. Dispels Wind-Damp Bi Pain. Expels Damp-Heat.

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Other symptoms often associated with verruca plana

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