Thrombophlebitis according to Chinese Medicine

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Two herbal formulas that might help with thrombophlebitis

Da Huang Fu Zi Tang

Source date: 220 AD

Number of ingredients: 3 herbs

Key actions: Warms the Interior. Disperses Cold. Unblocks the bowels. Alleviates pain.

Why might Da Huang Fu Zi Tang help with thrombophlebitis?

Because it is a formula often recommended to treat the pattern '/tcm-education-center/patterns/exterior_cold_invading_the_interior' of which phlebitis is a symptom.

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Bu Yang Huang Wu Tang

Source date: 1830 AD

Number of ingredients: 7 herbs

Key actions: Tonifies Qi. Invigorates Blood. Unblocks the channels.

Why might Bu Yang Huang Wu Tang help with thrombophlebitis?

Bu Yang Huang Wu Tang has sometimes been used by TCM professionals to alleviate the symptoms of thrombophlebitis

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Other symptoms often associated with thrombophlebitis

Abdominal pain Constipation Hypochondriac pain Chills Low-grade fever Cold hands and feet