Sunburn according to Chinese Medicine

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In Chinese Medicine sunburn can be treated by one herbs that we have on record. Here is the list below.

Bletilla rhizome might help with sunburn

Why might Bletilla Rhizome (Bai Ji) help with sunburn?

Because it is a herb specifically indicated to treat sunburn as can be seen on Bletilla Rhizome's page.

Bletilla Rhizomes is a Cold herb that tastes Bitter and Sweet. It targets the Stomach, the Liver and the Lung.

Its main actions are: Stops bleeding in the Stomach and the Lungs such as coughing with blood or ulcers. Also stops bleeding or inflammation due to traumatic injury. It can also heal sunburned skin or chronic sores that don't recover easily.

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Other symptoms often associated with sunburn

Boils Sores Peptic ulcers Hematemesis Hemoptysis Pulmonary tuberculosis Dry skin