Stomach acidity according to Chinese Medicine

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A herbal formula that might help with stomach acidity

Huang Lian Tang

Source date: 220 AD

Number of ingredients: 7 herbs

Key actions: Regulates Cold and Heat. Harmonizes the Stomach. Directs Rebellious Qi downward.

Why might Huang Lian Tang help with stomach acidity?

Huang Lian Tang has sometimes been used by TCM professionals to alleviate the symptoms of hyperacidic stomach

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Cuttlebone might help with stomach acidity

Why might Cuttlebone (Hai Piao Shao) help with stomach acidity?

Because it is a herb specifically indicated to treat stomach acidity as can be seen on Cuttlebone's page.

Cuttlebones is a Warm herb that tastes Pungent and Salty. It targets the Spleen and the Kidney.

Its main actions are: Restrains and stops bleeding. Holds Essences and stops seminal discharge or leukorrhea. Clears Dampness and promotes wound heeling. Inhibit gastric secretion and stops pain.

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