Postpartum anemia according to Chinese Medicine

Japanese catnip might help with postpartum anemia

Why might Japanese Catnip (Jing Jie) help with postpartum anemia?

Because it is a herb specifically indicated to treat postpartum anemia as can be seen on Japanese Catnip's page.

Japanese Catnip is a Neutral herb that tastes Pungent. It targets the Liver and the Lung.

Its main actions are: Relieves the Exterior and disperses Cold or Heat depending on the other herbs used. Releases the Exterior for measles. Stops bleeding. Abates swellings.

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Other symptoms often associated with postpartum anemia

Abnormal uterine bleeding Abcesses Swellings Rashes Measles Rubella Sores Ulcers Metrorrhagia Metrostaxis